The Softness of Suede

Is there anything that says autumn quite like suede?

Supple, durable and smooth, with a surface that reads like brushed velvet – what an incredible material. Alongside leather and cashmere, the opportunity to reintegrate this texture into our wardrobes is one of our favorite things about the deepening of the seasons. Top of our minds for this effort is the work of Corîu – a small Italian atelier quietly developing some of the most sought after accessories in the industry. Inspired by his home of Acquaviva delle Fonti, Italy, designer Giordano Lapegna created this label to celebrate suede and leather and continue a legacy of fine Italian craftsmanship – one divine handbag at a time.

As a fifth-generation family with a rich tradition in maroquinerie, Giordano and his team craft their bags from organic Tuscan leather, a full-grain hide known for its earthy texture and finish. Suede is developed from the inner-facing surface of the hide, hand-treated and finished by Corîu’s artisans to have an exceptionally soft touch.

Subtle moments of refinement permeate the collection, which prizes structure and simplicity over flash and complication. The styles, which range from totes to messengers to buckets, are influenced by a time long past, reminiscent of an era defined by exquisite medicine bags and handmade satchels.

Corîu’s design philosophy is most recognizable by their clean lines and uncluttered surfaces. In place of a logo, a small brass detail – modeled after a boat cleat – stands as the brand’s sole signature. This subtle approach, married with the atelier’s dedication to craft, comes together in something Giordano calls “the magic of the handmade” – a special quality held by goods that eschew mass production. The authenticity of this ethos works well with a variety of styles, seamlessly translating the rich traditions of Italian craftsmanship into pieces tailored for the contemporary wardrobe.

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