The Sneaker Rebellion

There may not be anything more nostalgic than a sneaker… from athletic wear to fashion essential, it’s an item practically synonymous with freedom.

Tightening the laces on a favorite pair reminds us of after-school jaunts in asphalt parking lots; of sneaking through a bedroom window for an evening unrestricted; of a favorite golden-era movie star, defined by blue jeans, black sneaks and hardly a care in the world. Remember your first pair of Chucks, teenhood doodles scribbled down the side in sharpie ink? These moments are so fleeting and yet so core to who we become, collected over a lifetime like memories in a photo book. Designers Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo are enamored with this as well… capturing this nostalgia is why Golden Goose was born.

Each pair of shoes they design is shaped carefully, informed by generations of Italian craftsmanship. The process is tight, measured and some might say nigh perfect… before being intentionally ravaged by the GG creative team. Scuffs and marks score the surface of the shoes as if they have scraped over concrete. Daubs of paint and smears of glitter meet tiny, handwritten musings that lace across the midsoles like love letters passed in school. This aesthetic vandalism is far from ruinous – the opposite, in fact. By celebrating the maker’s touch, the Golden Goose team breathes a lived and loved-in character to each and every pair.

Golden Goose’s sneaks not only look like a familiar favorite, but feel it too. Designed to be comfortable straight away, each style has a raised footbed intended to cushion the sole with a firm, sporty feel. The Mid-Star is a favorite pick for fall, with a mid-height collar and rounded toe box straight from the skateparks of its inspiration. While reading as classic streetwear at first blush, the Mid-Star reveals a touch of old-school romanticism through English eyelets across the vamp. New to our collection is the V-Star – a reimagining of vintage basketball sneakers with a low-cut ankle and rubberized toe.

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