The Mesmerizing Nature of Pattern & Color

One of our favorite things about fall is the opportunity for rich color – unlike the ethereal textiles of spring and summer, fall’s heavier fabrics can hold a more nuanced depth of color.

This presents us with full permission to dress exuberantly, in all the plums, blues and currant reds native to the cooling season. This is a pursuit Mieko Mintz takes full control of, imbuing her unique collection of jackets and coats with the imaginative presence of full-spectrum color.

Collaborating with a cooperative of female artisans in West Bengal, Mieko breathes new life into the timeless tradition of kantha – simple, running stitches originally intended to mend and repair fabric. The historical significance of kantha in West Bengal is directly interwoven with the stories of the women who practice it, echoing a longstanding culture of gentle upcycling and creative expression present in India for millennia.

In the patchwork of vintage sari fabric, find floral motifs, cascading paisley, and geometric abstractions all juxtaposed to create a narrative entirely new. She expertly orchestrates combinations so that they flow together with elegance – a challenging task when faced with an archive of thousands of fabrics.

Through combining contemporary design with this storied method of craft, Mieko’s works transcend their origins to create a stylistic voice and authority wholly unique to her. Her designs are a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of color, celebrating both the hands who made it and the people who wear it. Through her commitment to the rich heritage of kantha and a vibrant approach to design, Mieko weaves her own tapestry of resilience, creativity and color to create fashions that inform our notions of dressing as art.

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