The Earth’s Chiaroscuro

Chiaroscuro, an Italian term literally meaning “light-dark,” is a technique that has been harnessed by history’s greatest artists.

It is bright light and velvet dark mingling in the brush strokes of Da Vinci, Caravaggio and Rafael. Its inclusion signals drama, excitement and mystery – the contrasting tones a tease of secrets emerging from the shadows. Imagine our delight to find this creative force hidden within charcoal gemstones as well.

Though diamonds are typically envisioned in a pure, crystalline state, darker varieties are often rarer and more coveted. This shift in color is caused by inclusions within the gem’s invisible matrix – artistic remnants of the earth it came from.

Our curation of charcoal gems includes salt and pepper diamonds from Ellis Mhairi Cameron, luminous Tahitian pearls from Jean Prounis and unusual grey sapphires from Denise Betesh.

Within these gems, nature applies her own daubs of black to the canvas. This earthy chiaroscuro is unlike any other – born from a millennia of tectonic activity and compacting rock. To catalyze this divine creativity in precious metals – gold, palladium and silver alike – is akin to adding the right frame around finished artwork… visual perfection.

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