Tartan & Tomato Red

Color is always the first signal of the weather shifting – so funny how a leaf turning from emerald to chartreuse can pique the mind and awaken a new attitude.

As the temperature dips in the evenings, the trees around our homes start to tinge golden ochre and deep burgundy. Keen on this seasonal delight, Daniela Gregis has peppered her latest collection with the brightest of these tones – tomato red. Set against a darkened backdrop of cotton, silk and, of course, cashmere, Daniela presents her interpretation of this key color.

Model Bella Tyland is pictured here wearing pieces from Daniela Gregis’ early fall collection – a delivery we shot with iconic Pecos sunflowers.

Tomato red took the runway by storm as the shade du jour for the Autumn 2023 season. Slightly more orange-toned than typical cherry varieties and brighter than deep scarlet, the bold hue enamored us with its joyful vibrancy – and reminded us that dopamine dressing is still very much a thing!

Not only is this rich color surprisingly wearable, despite the initial zing of its presence, but it carries a depth unseen in its paler cousins. Within this hue, we find the aroma of diced San Marzanos simmering in a pan, the delight of cheeks and noses reddened by the chill of early morning air and quiet moments as the day darkens into a crimson sun dipping below the tree line.

As the Northern Hemisphere embraces fall, the sun becomes less bright day to day. Dressing in warm tones brings a psychological warmth to the person wearing them, and to those they encounter. In this, we are encouraged to carry on the brightness of summer even as we march into the colder months – perhaps paired with a few foundational black and blue pieces for balance.

Red and black plaid dates back to Clan MacGregor in Scotland. This iconic pattern made its way to America via trader Jock McCluskey, a Scottish immigrant to Montana. Since then, it has been adopted in fashion circles from Japan to Italy.

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