Interior Composure, Exterior Exuberance

When curating our own interior spaces, we often think first of the tonal presentation.

Are we called to the bright colors of maximalism or to the creamy gold tones of art deco? Do we find ourselves enraptured with bright contemporary concepts or the sweet pastels of an eclectic palette? Or does something older and more storied draw our eye? An aesthetic steeped in history and the tones of earthy brown and red… that is our desire for an intelligent fall interior. Though this rich chroma catches our attention through seasonal relevance, it’s elevated by the addition of an antique textile or two. Our favorites of late: throw pillows faced with exquisite vintage Persian rug remnants set against hand loomed silk and cashmere blankets, boucle dyed sheepskins and plush, oversized cushions made of antique Baloch saddlebags.

A coalescence of Europe and the Middle East, the vintage Persian rug pillows originate in Iran – likely Tabriz or Mashhad – while the contemporary complements come to us courtesy of House of Lyria in Prato, Italy. In the former, the surface quality is determined by the number of raj in a pillow. Similar to the thread count found in linens, this grading refers to the number of knots found per 7cm of weaving structure. Ranging from 24 raj to 120 raj, the increased number of knots required for pattern and pile is an indicator of skill and the overall softness of the finished work.

What strikes us most within this combination is the earthy quality – the environment that nourished the communities these textiles originate from is present in both the palette and the woven motifs. To incorporate these types of goods into a modern living space is to coexist with the memory inherent to antique and vintage pieces – not only the many skilled hands were responsible for their creation, but the presence of earth and nature within each. To live alongside something with such age and character, and find it in total harmony with its soft surroundings… What a treat for the eye and mind.

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