Cashmere Jewel Tones

For Avant Toi, color is central not just to the way we dress, but to our perception of the world. It’s a powerful tool to influence the mind, spark creativity and serve as a wellspring of inspiration.

With each piece they design, their straightforward cashmere and silk silhouettes act as a blank canvas upon which they splash their paint box of dyes– ranging from deep black to vibrant pink, depending on how designer Mirko Ghignone’s wishes to influence the world. To dress in the bold hues of their oranges and reds is to exude confidence and vitality, while softer pastels of cream and tan evoke a sense of serenity and calm. Seasonal-driven jewel tones, such as the plum and cobalt central to their latest fall delivery, wrap us in the inspiration of autumn – of purpling foliage, darkening skies, and longer, deeper shadows stretched across the garden at dusk.

Avant Toi is perhaps best known for their avant-garde approach to dyeing, wherein they experiment with processes such as hand-painting, misting and distressing to create unique patinas on each piece. Of note for fall are their poncho styles, which feature an open knit that layers well with silk, cotton and cashmere.

Plum, particularly, has proven to be a timeless, and deeply versatile color. It works well in both casual and formal contexts, and can be warmed with the addition of brown accessories or act as the playful counterpoint to a black ensemble. For those of daring heart, it makes a striking companion to yellow tones, such as ochre and gold.

Ultimately, color’s universal attraction eclipses the boundaries of language and connects us to style on a profound level. Avant Toi’s palette is a bold departure from the conventional, pushing us to explore more deeply what hue can and should be within a wardrobe. Their use of dyes is an expression of emotion and personality, and their unique devotion to the practice transcends the limitations of seasonal trends.

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