A Tale of Time & Texture

In a sweep of remarkable texture and color, weathered-and-worn takes on new meaning in Rundholz’s collection for AW23.

Through a stylized and deliberate patina, designers Carsten and Lenka create clothes that seem to tell their own stories – a washed jean jacket bleached by a trek through the desert; distressed cashmere sweaters stretched loose and cozy from months of storied travel; a cotton skirt that gathers panels of fabric like stamps in a passport.

What surprised us most about this season was the newfound dialogue between the three Rundholz collections – what once were distinct and deliberate boundaries between their design approaches instead blend into a delightful conversation of aesthetics. Olive and blue tones cross between Rundholz Mainline and the exuberant hand-dyes of DIP, while black and military green whisper back and forth between the two and Black Label. This blending of worlds facilitates opportunity… to mix, match and discover the very limits of the Rundholz universe (something we have not come even close to uncovering!)

Like a curious traveler discovering an old growth forest – diverse, divine and dauntless – we eagerly explore the varied silhouettes within this ouvre. A-line fitted dresses, sharp coats, slim high-waisted pants and a range of pleating effects abound throughout this delivery. The colors and textures are alluring – familiar and comforting, yet completely innovative and mysterious. In this, Carsten and Lenka weave a tale of texture like an untouched wilderness on the edge of the urbane path.

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