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Ukrainian designer Vita Kin launched her eponymous label in 2015 to a raving response from fashion and design tastemakers. Her use of traditional embroidery techniques from her native country and other ancient artisanal styles from North Africa and South America have been the focal point of every collection.

From design to production, Vita Kin is laser-focused on creating extremely artistic and personal work with traditional embroidery and appliqué. Although her designs originated with styles from her Ukrainian heritage, Vita also takes inspiration from other artisanal cultural stitching techniques across the world, all of which culminate in clothing conveying a deeper connection.

Attention is paid to every detail. Dresses and shirts are composed of colorful embroidery, fringe and geometric patterns that elegantly accent the collar, sleeves, and hemlines. Each piece is handmade at Vita Kin’s Kiev-based atelier, taking several weeks to complete.

Vita Kin operates differently from most fashion designers, creating work based on their current inspirations and the needs of the stores they partner with, instead of producing the standard Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter collections. Interestingly enough, this means that no two stores offering Vita Kin will have a selection that is entirely the same. This also creates a journey of constant discovery when looking at Vita Kin’s designs.