New York City based jewelry designer Page Sargisson creates candidly distinct textured jewelry. Each piece is inspired by the art of real life moments, made from sustainable recycled materials with transferred textures from antique letterpresses, woodblocks and textiles. The artisanal feel of each piece by Page creates an intimacy to her jewelry that is irreplicable.

Page grew up working in her grandfather’s woodworking studio and learned to carve, sand and make dovetail joints. After graduating from Brown and working a corporate job, she took a wax carving class that brought her back to her childhood passion of creating and carving. She designs jewelry for people like her, jewelry that can transition from dropping off the kids at school in the morning to work and dinner out at night.

All of Page’s pieces are handmade in New York City using recycled gold and silver. She uses only conflict free and antique diamonds in her jewelry. Seeing beauty in unique and unusual places, most of Page’s pieces are inspired by found objects. Ever curious about the world around her, she seeks out objects whose texture, shape and history inspire her. The "brushstrokes" of her carvings allow the end customer to connect to the artist and imagine the work that went into creating each piece.

In a world where so much is mass produced, it is grounding to have pieces that are truly one of a kind and as unique as the wearer. Page’s jewelry helps bring out the artist in all who wear these special creations.