German born jewelry designer Heike Grebenstein holds a deep interest in the wide and various expressions of world beauty, whether exotic, organic, earthy or elemental. This interest was fostered by her life experiences of being raised in Asia and then traveling the world extensively as a fashion model. Today, Heike lives and designs in Sag Harbor and New York City with her son Mats.

Heike’s first experience with molten gold developed into a lifelong passion for making jewelry. For her, it was the perfect medium to express her artistic visions. Using only recycled gold and silver, Heike adheres to the highest standards of environmental protection during the refining and milling processes.

Working with rare gems, raw shapes and 22K gold, Heike’s designs hold an elegant and natural aesthetic. Clean and simple yet intensely beautiful, each piece of her jewelry creates an absolutely unique look that is deeply personal. From ethereal moonstones and whimsical green tourmalines to airy labradorite beads, all decorated with delicate gold, her work has a je ne sais quoi to it that is perfection without being predictable.