Cultural exploration, world travel, and family tradition define Etro. This Italian fashion house embodies the Silk Road and takes the wearer on a journey with each garment and season. For over 50 years, the Etro family has collected colors, patterns, and experiences from all over the world and has elegantly translated them into a playful and modern interpretation for the independent woman. While finding influence internationally, the brand takes pride in the “Made in Italy” tradition, highly emphasizing craftsmanship. Etro is known internationally for their highly expressive and colorful prints made from superbly crafted fabrics.

Veronica Etro, who designs the womenswear collections, continually mixes motifs from the Silk Road, the steppes of Mongolia, the traditions of Uzbekistan, and the civilizations of the Indus Valley. In fact, Veronica’s comfort with print is world-renowned.

Etro Blazer in Black


Blazer in Black