Casa Lopez
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Casa Lopez

Paris, France

Casa Lopez offers innovative, colorful Mediterranean-inspired home objects, imagined and designed by Pierre Sauvage. Homemade manufacturing is at the core of the company values, as the majority of their items are made by hand in workshops in Mediterranean countries where traditional craftsmanship is passed down through generations. By entrusting the manufacture of their products to expert craftsmen, Casa Lopez offers tailor-made, exclusive pieces produced individually or in small quantities.

Founded in 1983 by Bernard Magniant-Lopez, Casa Lopez began as a specialist in Western rugs adorned with pretty arabesque, geometric or floral patterns. Gradually expanding beyond rugs to encompass a wider variety of accessories for the home including earthenware, glassware and blankets, Casa Lopez currently represents an art of living where delicacy is constantly enriched with interior accessories designed to create a subtle atmosphere for your home.

Casa Lopez’s work with ceramics is French in spirit with its simplistic elegance but also encompasses a broader range of influences thanks to the crossover of European cultures. From classical themes like the arts and crafts movement to more bucolic work with floral motifs, all of the designs are lively and welcoming, guaranteed to fit harmoniously in every home.

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