Translating directly to “real India,” Injiri was established in 2009 by Chinar Farooqui. Chinar is passionate about reinterpreting classic aesthetics into a simplified design that elegantly folds into our modern life while increasing the visibility of traditional artistry in India. Injiri is a word loaded with meaning, and Chinar honors this through the dignified making of her one of a kind products that take months to create using a handloom and organic Kala cotton.

With a penchant for the beauty of traditional objects, Chinar received her Bachelors degree in fine arts at Maharaja Sayajirao University followed by an intensive Textile Design post grad at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India. It was during her studies that Chinar truly began to delve into the intricacies of India’s long textile history. Chinar became determined to focus on textile development, sustainable usage of materials and celebrating the living tradition of crafts in India.

Traditionally, an Injiri textile is a design made up of vertical and horizontal lines, creating a plaid or checkered pattern. This classic design is an obvious inspiration in Chinar’s products. She believes beauty lies in the simplicity, subtlety, nostalgia and individualized characteristics that occur from the meeting of the material and the maker’s hand. Inspired by simple garments worn by local people, Injiri textiles are to be viewed as abstracted stories that evoke sentimentality and celebrate the art of slow living.

Soft geometric patterns, mismatched buttons and red stitch details are cherished elements of the creation of each piece. Cottons are woven in a traditional Gujarati weaving technique called bhujodi in which complex patterns give each piece a unique personality. The result is a collection of bed covers, throws, floor and decorative pillows that can move through the house and garden and add a lightness of being to living.

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