London, England

Toogood is the brainchild of the two intensely artistic British sisters, Erica and Faye Toogood. Their collections are centered around their most basic philosophy: honoring the power and importance of the individual worker and artisan. Every label inside each garment has all the initials of the people who worked on it, from the cutter to the seamstress, bringing the wearer closer to the design and production process. Toogood is an intellectual yet grounded line with a certain amount of passion, poetry and aesthetic honesty brought to each piece. 

Faye and Erica were raised amid the furrowed fields of the English countryside. Before collaborating, both worked as artists in their own right. Erica is a passionate pattern-cutter who has produced patterns for a number of haute-couture designers. Faye is the notable London-based designer and founder of Studio Toogood. Erica joined her sister’s Studio Toogood in 2012 and a year later the two sisters made their first collection of clothing titled “Toogood,” thus marking the birth of their collaborative line. 

Erica has an uncanny ability to make shapes out of almost any material, so she designs the silhouettes for Toogood. Faye is more fascinated with concepts and materiality and therefore takes charge of developing the finishes of the cotton and canvas. The sisters approach their work obliquely, collaborating with architects, product designers and painters to create clothes and objects that are both practical and sculptural. This dynamic process takes place at their studio located on Old Street in London.

Toogood is instilled with the unmistakable spirit of both sisters: Faye’s preoccupation with materiality and Erica’s audacious shape-making. To produce each collection they work closely with experienced artisans exclusively throughout the UK, specific to their current needs. They make clothes that are sculptural works of art that will become timeless favorites and your go-to pieces season after season. The line focuses on highly wearable clothing that allows you to complete all the activities your day requires.

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