Rundholz Dip
2024 – Erdem


2024 – Sia Taylor

A Golden Seed

2024 – Avant Toi

The Colors of Kew Gardens

2024 – Pierre-Louis Mascia

Wild Harmony

2024- April Higashi


April Hagashi

2022 – Perrochon

Pillows with history

2023 – Wommelsdorff


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Rundholz is a harmony of opposites. Casual and formal, simple and complex, amorphous and structured, black and white, creation and destruction… a myriad of contradictions that forges designs entirely new and exciting. A call to the creative alchemy found in DIP for this season, designers Carsten and Lenka continue their innovative balancing act – creating a collection of garments that are as transformative as they are foundational.


Rundholz Dip

Carsten and Lenka Rundholz’s approach to design is similar to that of the ancient alchemical arts, transforming the seemingly mundane into something entirely different and enchanting. The duo will stitch together thin fabric panels into a sculptural dress, lace a jersey neckline with silk to create a hint of elegance or nick a hem to forge drama and drape. Just as ancestral alchemists mixed silver and gold to create platinum, Carsten and Lenka combine skirt cuts with the seaming of harem pants, creating a beautiful combination of the two. This is a studio focused on innovating fashion at its core – influencing the way we wear things and why we wear them.

2024 – Erdem



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