Knits for Naturalists


Kaval Shawl
Collar Coat

Hand woven in Tochigi, Japan, this Shawl Collar Coat
is made from Raccoon (Tanuki) hair, which sheds
naturally from the animal and is resistant to pilling.
Lofty and insulating in a medium weight, it is finished
with hand painted, locally made Mashiko
ceramic buttons.


Hand Knit
Luna Cardigan

Designer Anne Schramm prides herself on creating
uncomplicated yet exquisite designs in Caravaggi
yarns. Caravaggi sources fiber from Capra Hircus
Laniger goats which live in a habitat with significant
changes in temperature, resulting in the development
of a finer, more prized undercoat known
as cashmere down.

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