A Journey with Jeans

We all take our own journey with jeans. Did you ever put a pair on and sit in a hot bath, hoping they would shrink fit?

Or chop them up with a blunt pair of scissors to wear to a festival. Jeans take on the DNA and personality of the wearer. The commitment to get them to that perfect place of fit, comfort and patina – it takes work but it’s a guaranteed investment.

The Engineer Jean

The Engineer, has a gentle ‘knee’d’ shaping at the front, with a tapered leg and a flexible back waistband for comfort.

The Ironmonger Jean

The Ironmonger has a classic straight line, with an allowance for large turn-ups at the hem.

The SKipper Jean

The Skipper has deep knife pleats with a shaped front leg that gives a worn-in, bold look.

Our denim at Toogood is built to last from a solid 12oz organic denim. Always unwashed. We have sculpted it into 4 definitive styles. When you put our jeans on for the first time you’ll feel how robust they are. If you’re new to raw denim don’t be alarmed. The more you wear them, they will get to know your shape and movement. And then you are rewarded with an unbeatable, malleable softness. A treasured part of your personal uniform, there to stick it out wherever life takes you both.

— Erica Toogood

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