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Each piece of Kika Alvarenga’s jewelry reads like a unique sculptural form, infused with a flow and energy that can only be informed by the body itself. Kika Alvarenga is a recognized Brazilian jewelry designer who excels at giving her work prolonged visual interest through movement, contrasting finishes and dimensionality.

Trained at Central Saint Martins University of the Arts in London, Kika transferred her skills as a stylist and visual artist into jewelry full of poignant revelations: the imperfection of a stone pulses the beauty of its unique identity, the rough contains the delicate, gloss casts shimmers upon matte, weight carries possibilities of lightness.

Kika is inspired by the particular characteristics of the materials she uses, finding beauty in their natural aspects and highlighting those nuances in each piece. The creative force of her work lies in the intensity with which she honors nature and accesses its diversity. While designing, she doesn’t question herself too much, letting her body and intuition take control. She describes this process as simple, however, the finished product is full of life. Kika draws inspiration from indigenous handicrafts and works with locally found materials from a "gambiarra" perspective. In Brazil, "gambiarra" refers to “making do” or improvisation.

The essence of Kika's design is to make shine that which is precious in each element. Fundamentally, she endeavors to give the wearer a piece of eternity embodied in each unique stone.