Dries Van Noten

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Dries was born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium. He is the third generation in a family of tailors and was heavily influenced by his parents who both owned high-end retail shops in Antwerp. At age 18 he entered the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts to study fashion design.

Dries Van Noten showed his first collection in 1986 during London’s fashion week, along with five other designers, a collective now known as the Antwerp Six. These avant-garde designers from the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts are famous for their daring, sophisticated, and deconstructivist designs.

Truly an artistic genius, Dries nimbly blends the ancient with the modern and mixes a sense of humility into his operatic designs. He has mastered the art of perfect balance, knowing how to combine masculine with feminine, avant-garde with classic. His multicultural inspirations are taken from all over the world, imbuing his collections with a rich complexity. Renowned for his comfort with juxtaposition, his fabric design seems to embody perfection while simultaneously breaking all the rules.

Dries Van Noten

Dries Van Noten Beaded & Embroidered Bomber in Multi-Color

Dries Van Noten

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