Anne Schramm

 In 2008, Anne Schramm decided to start Wommelsdorff – a small niche knitwear label that would tie together generations-old knitting techniques with the best cashmere yarns available. Her pieces combine crochet and knit traditions that have been passed down through her family for generations. Every sweater is made to last a lifetime.

Alabama Chanin

Natalie Chanin

Located in Florence, Alabama, Natalie Chanin collaborates with independently contracted seamstresses and tailors to create the sustainable garments of Alabama Chanin. They work hard to preserve the local handcrafting traditions with the highest possible quality standards.

Bokja Founders

Huda Baroudi & Maria Hibri

Huda and Maria’s shared passion for furniture, textiles and design is the driving force behind the Bokja label. By marrying their expertise and knowledge of traditional craftsmanship, they have built a space that fosters creativity in all avenues – from clothing to home goods.


Barbara Cavalli

Bergfabel, a portmanteau of the German for “mountain” and “folktale,” is a label weaving the story of South Tyrol. This well-kept secret, tucked among the Alps where Austria and Northern Italy meet, is something out of a fairytale – crystalline lakes, quaint villages and a rolling green landscape that stretches for miles. Barbara Cavallini and Klaus Planck have distilled life in South Tyrol into a line of clothing fit for those who wish to wander as well. 

Horisaki Design & Handel

Karin Horisaki

Located in the heart of the Swedish countryside, the Horisaki design studio creates highly coveted artisanal hats. Run by Makoto and Karin Horisaki, the company features an in-house production that takes place directly on their farm in the county of Småland.

Gilda Midani
Gilda Midani

Gilda Midani

Brazilian designer Gilda Midani creates clothing that is as artful as it is comfortable. Gilda’s aesthetic is inspired by combining the worlds of ancient cultures with contemporary art and rendering them with a European sophistication. She creates superbly wearable pieces that are beautifully hand-dyed and made with the highest quality cotton, silk and linen. With a distinctly Brazilian flare, she brings an immense amount of playfulness and energy to these timeless and classic fabrics.

Kimberly Collins

Kimberly Collins

Kimberly Collins got her start in 1995 after a life-changing trip to Africa to learn the tanzanite trade. She brought her newfound passion and skills back to San Francisco and co-founded the first iteration of what would eventually become Kimberly Collins Colored Gems. As time went on she began creating one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry specifically designed to showcase her hand-selected gems.

Aneeth Arora Pero

Aneeth Arora

Aneeth Arora is one of India’s most acclaimed clothing designers, influencing future designers to revive a struggling industry by employing artisans throughout India. Aneeth has won numerous honors in the field, such as the British Council’s’ Young Creative Fashion Entrepreneur in 2011 and Vogue India’s first-ever Fashion Fund Award in 2012. A tom-boy in her youth with an overabundance of creativity, she strives to balance fashion with tradition, making everyday dressing fun. Aneeth leaves her mark on the industry as an innovative designer with an unparalleled approach to mixing traditional style and heirloom fabrics with a modern yet whimsical aesthetic.

Denise Betesh
Denise Betesh

Denise Betesh

Denise Betesh, originally from Brooklyn, moved to Santa Fe in 1989 and began to design and produce her signature jewelry collection featuring matte 22K recycled gold, conflict-free diamonds, cascading sapphires and bold garnets. Working from her Santa Fe studio, mused by the high desert landscape, Denise takes painstaking measures to create amazingly intricate and detailed pieces that are all truly one of a kind.

Daniela Gregis

Daniela Gregis

With an emphasis on high-quality natural materials and exuberant splashes of color, Daniela Gregis marries modern sophistication with artisanal Italian craftsmanship. Her aesthetic is informed by the balance of the natural world; fueled by poetry, humility and harmony. In a world where traditional artistry and meaningful human connection perpetually compete with blind consumerism and technology, Daniela boldly lives and creates in devotion to the former.

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