Wool and Silk Cunning Kitsune Scarf in Silver & Salmon Pink

Sabina Savage
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Sabina Savage Wool and Silk Cunning Kitsune Scarf in Silver & Salmon Pink

• Square
• Printed from a Hand-Drawn Illustration
• The Original Illustration takes Sabina Around Six Weeks to Complete
• Multicolor Print
• Hand-Finished Fringed Edges
• Light Weight

Sabina Savage takes inspiration from all over the world as she creates extraordinary narratives that tell imaginative and detailed stories about the lives of animals both great and small. The Noh Playbook focuses on a mountainside in Kyoto where the animals are working together, led by a wily fox, to save the Noh theater from demolition. These illustrations also reference the costumes, masks and plays of ancient Japanese Noh theater, alongside antique woodblock prints, kimono patterns and tales from folklore.

Every Sabina Savage design is hand illustrated, telling the story of the collection through the composition and details. The scarves are drawn in full, and the four corners of each scarf offer different elements, ensuring the wearer will display a unique feature however the scarf is folded.

Fabric: 70% Wool, 30% Silk
Size: Approx. 53" x 53"
Care: Dry Clean Only
Origin: Printed & Made in Como, Italy

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