Wool and Silk Leopard's Bazaar Scarf in Teal Green & Turmeric Yellow

Sabina Savage



Sabina Savage Wool and Silk Leopard's Bazaar Scarf in Teal Green & Turmeric Yellow

• Square
• Printed from a Hand-Drawn Illustration
• The Original Illustration takes Sabina Around Six Weeks to Complete
• Multicolor Print
• Hand-Finished Fringed Edges
• Light Weight

Sabina Savage takes inspiration from all over the world as she creates extraordinary narratives that tell imaginative and detailed stories about the lives of animals both great and small. This collection references the art and artifacts of ancient Persia, drawing on the rich, jewel-like colour palettes, the intricate details and the beautiful craftsmanship of the region. Hand-knotted Persian rugs, carved and painted tile work, embroidered and tasseled fabrics and complex metalwork were all influences when creating this work.

"As he hurtles through the narrow streets of the souk, the majestic leopard twists, and twirls between the stalls, eagerly looking for his escape. He gathers speed as he gallops, tearing through tents and hanging displays, entwining himself in strings of produce and an unfortunate handful of unwitting parrots. ." - Sabina Savage, Persian Pandemonium

Fabric: 70% Wool, 30% Silk
Fabric Type: Woven
Size: Approx. 53" x 53"
Care: Dry Clean Only
Origin: Printed & Made in Como, Italy

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