Handmade Linen Striped Napkin in Gamma Coccio Bruno




Gamma Coccio Bruno Gamma Pesca Orange Red Rosso Red Gamma Rosa Pink Gamma Yellow Gamma Orange Yellow Gamma Colore Brilliantte Gamma te Blue Gamma Celeste Blue Gamma Indaco Blue Gamma Blu


Bertozzi Handmade Linen Striped Napkin in Gamma Coccio Bruno

• Hand Sewn & Hand Painted
• Crumpled Linen
• Square
• Steam, Water and Solar Power Color Fixed

Family-owned since 1920, the collective of Bertozzi artisans are skilled in the traditional Italian block-printing method. They design numerous original motifs and use color recipes that are well-kept family secrets. Situated in the northernmost hills of Italy, the workshop concerns itself with environmental sustainability by operating completely on solar-based power. The result of their efforts are linens and ceramics layered with distinct brayer lines and brush strokes in a rich variety of colors that suit all seasons and occasions.

Materials: 100% Linen
Size: Approx. 17.5" x 17.5"
Care: Machine Wash Hot or Dry Clean; Do Not Bleach
Origin: Handmade in Italy

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