Monies: The Pearl Era

First recorded by a Chinese historian in 2,206 BCE, pearls have sparked global fascination since their discovery.


In ancient Rome, pearls were deemed more valuable than diamonds.

In Monies’ pearl collection, the Danish jewelers exalt the gem’s singularity with an exploration of antithetical principles: Baroque and contemporary, fluid and fixed, pragmatic and sensual.


In a shifting palette of ochre, rose and cream, the cascading 21 Strand Baroque Pearl Necklace is finished with a three-piece toggle of large pearls, a closure as showstopping as its strands. Worn layered or long, the hand-knotted 54-inch necklace communicates a classic sensibility, while maintaining a contemporary sense of scale.

Celebrating the gem’s organic tactility, the Baroque Pearl Necklace evokes the oyster shape of a Willem Claesz Heda still life. Imbued with a sense of intrigue, ebony beadwork is seamlessly strung alongside three large pearls.


Monies’ finale: a presentation of golden freshwater pearls that recall the quality of the light in an Aelbert Cuyp landscape, finished with a citrine clasp.

Altogether, the collection exemplifies Monies’ fascination with the gem of the gods, and welcomes us into a new Era of the Pearl.

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