Ammonite, Oak, Stone-Age Arrowheads & Quartz Earrings





Monies Ammonite, Oak, Stone-Age Arrowheads & Quartz Earrings

• Unique Ammonite Set in Hand Carved Oak
• Multiple Dangles; 7
• Ammonite, Stone-Age Arrowheads & Quartz Separated by Hand-Knotted Cord
• Silver Clip-On Backs

Bold in form, innovative in materials, and sensational in scale, Monies creates jewelry with an emphasis on globally sourced materials. Featuring organic shapes, each of their pieces feel artifactual, as though they carry a history within them. Their modern aesthetic creates a dramatic balance between art and nature, as well as ideas of new and ancient.

Materials: Ammonite, Oak, Stone-Age Arrowheads, Quartz, Silver
Length: Approx. 3.5 " L
Origin: Handcrafted in Denmark

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