Boboutic: Intellectual Cashmere

Founded over twenty years ago by designers Michel Bergamo and Cristina Zamagni, Boboutic was created with the goal of translating their everyday experiences in Firenze into knitwear.

Boboutic Jacket and Sweater Styled on a Model

Combining traditional knit and stitching techniques with intellectual textile research, they have achieved an unmatched collection of coats and sweaters with a marshmallow-like softness, owing to the high pile of their silk and cashmere threads.

Boboutic Jacket
Boboutic Coat
Boboutic Coat
Boboutic Zip-Up Sweater
Boboutic Turtleneck Sweater

The versatility of knits makes them an ideal medium for the Boboutic studio, allowing Michel and Cristina creative freedom in conceiving each piece.

True to their artistic background, they think of each coat as a sculpture – building the knits in the same way a ceramicist would add clay.

The yarns are carefully considered and kept in an endless line throughout each garment, without needing to use any scissors or cutting instruments.

Boboutic Coat

Rendered in a neutral palette of brown, black and tan, Boboutic’s pieces are an ideal choice for fall layering.

Each is subtly innovative, be it in stitch, style or handfeel.

Overall, they are cozy and classic – easily paired with a pair of leather boots and a plush, handwoven shawl.

Boboutic Jacket and Sweater Styled on a Model

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