By Walid | New Arrivals

When: September 19, 2020

New pieces from By Walid are available in-store and online at Santa Fe Dry Goods!

Walid al Damjiri has been the apple of fashion’s eye since he first began making repurposed clothing in his London studio. He left fashion and specialty chocolate making to find a way to reinvent clothing. The pieces that define his label, By Walid, are no ordinary recycling project. Elegant Rococo silks, Manila shawls, chinoiserie details, and antique lace are combined into layers of exotic patchwork. Through the reuse of exquisite materials, Walid celebrates a history of beauty and artistry in his work. Each one-of-a-kind garment carefully considers and honors a fabric’s past through its layering and stitching. History is sewn into every stitch and then transformed into modern art.

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