Daniela Gregis | New Arrivals

When: September 5, 2020

New scarves from Daniela Gregis are available in-store and online at Santa Fe Dry Goods!

There is a subtlety to Daniela Gregis clothing. It stems not just from the inspired easy silhouettes that are recognizable with time, but the way her clothes flatter women of all shapes and sizes. She has embraced the variety of forms gender presents and celebrates their variations. Take one of her shirts off the hanger and quickly realize that the slit in the neck is neither too low or high, regardless of size. The longer fabric in the back covers the body while still looking, dare we say, cool in a sporty way. The width of the sleeve at the top of the arm is, well… perfect. There is a reason Daniela has a quiet following. In addition to being artistic, worldly, and intellectual, she holds the wisdom of being a down-to-earth woman, mother and grandmother.

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