Wommelsdorff: Clouds of Cashmere

In a world where cashmere is available from so many brands, it’s encouraging to see a designer such as Anne Schramm of Wommelsdorff make the fabric stand out by foregoing machine production and creating hand knit cashmere garments.

Wommelsdorff Sweater on Model

Gaining her early career experience by working for multiple high-end designer brands, Anne founded Wommelsdorff in 2008, named after her grandmother, Maria Wommelsdorff.

Located in Berlin, Anne has designed her collection of sweaters and accessories from luxurious, sustainable cashmere and wool.

By utilizing the human hand in the production process, Wommelsdorff disregards the machine-made trend, allowing for detailed, handmade character to shine through their creations.

Anne Schramm combines crochet and knitwear stitches in her designs which result in subtle, simple textures, impossible to reproduce with machines.

These slight details can be seen in areas like the crochet stitches along the end that add old-fashioned, yet lovely finishing to the garment.

Wommelsdorff Sweater on Model

Although these innovative techniques help Wommelsdorff’s designs stand out visually, Anne’s use of high-quality fabric and intensive knitting process is another outlying feature of her work.

Cashmere fibers are differentiated by their ply count and can be knitted with varying sizes of needles, each of these factors contributing to the density and feel of the final garment.

Anne utilizes a very high-ply yarn and knits with a low-gauge needle, resulting in sweaters with an unusual loftiness that are incomparably sensuous.

With a focus on contemporary design aesthetics applied to premium, sustainable materials, Anne Schramm creates one-of-a-kind, intimately cozy garments infused with the personality of the human touch.

Wommelsdorff Sweater on Model

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