Why Earthy Brown?

Even in the most urban of settings, our eyes crave the richness of soil. Anthropologically the color symbolizes fertility and growth; the promise of a future harvest. Entire civilizations have been built upon the presence of lush earth. It is no surprise that we are drawn to the depth of earthy brown in all areas of our lives. The versatility and dimension of the color makes it a particularly strong neutral for Spring.

In clothing, the richness of an earthy brown denotes value. Often this color is linked with fine leather goods, particularly leather shoes perfect for spring. However, it can be found in all types of clothing, from jackets and pants to handbags and scarves. More sumptuous than its taupe and sand alternatives, the layered nature of this color adds interest and dimension to a garment. It can shift from striking to subtle depending on how it is worn, and matches seamlessly with all manner of hues.

When paired with black, deep notes of mahogany come forward and add an unmatched esteem to the style. With white, the look becomes light and natural, reminiscent of aspen bark in May. Layered with other neutrals, earthy brown takes on the spirit of a freshly tilled garden; fresh and essential. In any combination, there are few wardrobes that do not benefit from the addition of this resonant color.

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