Lauren Manoogian: Color Contrast

Lauren Manoogian’s pieces are intended to live in the world — part of her choice to become a designer was to explore how clothing influences the bodily experience.

Lauren Manoogian

Her background in sculpture plays a significant role here.

Tactile elements, such as elastic gathering, round cuts and tight pleats, build interlocking shapes within her larger, simplified silhouettes.

Through her designs, she presents dressing as a subtle and elegant art, lovingly chiseled from cotton and alpaca yarn.

Lauren Manoogian
Lauren Manoogian

A spectrum of emotion exists within this delivery — nubby, neutral knits speak to the label’s core earthiness.

Their intelligent shapes are a reflection of calm and poise.

The addition of a few black pieces, a color Lauren has not presented within her collections since 2015, throws the typical Manoogian aesthetic to the wind.

In these, we feel the push and pull of austerity and self-reflection.

Lauren Manoogian
Lauren Manoogian

Lauren’s love affair with textile is apparent within every garment.

From the feel of the fabric to her sculptural cuts, a great deal of care is placed on the soul and presence of each piece.

Even the placement of stitches — something that may seem a minor detail to the uninitiated — are well-considered for maximum impact within the garment.

Overall, this is a collection made to live in, and feel good doing so.

Lauren Manoogian

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