Alonpi: A Melting Pot of World Cultures

Alonpi, best known for their design and printing skill set, continually surprise us with each season. As the only people in the world with the capability to print on both sides of cashmere, creative forces Piero and Alfredo are in a league of their own. Each element, from the softness of the cashmere to the patterns and the colors chosen, is a testament to Alonpi’s expertise.

In the process of creating the most textural and visually dynamic pieces available, Alonpi has incorporated inspiration from historic and ancient civilizations. Ornate patterns found on Alonpi’s scarves mirror others already in existence, from painted doors in Morocco to tiled walls once constructed in Persia. Even the elaborate archways in Iran can be said to influence Alonpi’s prints. Repetitive circles on Alonpi’s scarves in Mikado and Nikit Blue resemble zellige tilework, which are stunning tessellated patterns found on mosque walls around the world.

Using inspiration from motifs in different areas of the world, Alonpi has essentially crafted a collection that is a melting pot of world cultures. This can be said about their influences as well, as even the illustrations on doorways in Morocco were not created by a singular entity. Geometric patterns vary from one building to the next, created by those Jewish and Muslim alike. It is thanks to these multi-cultural influences that Alonpi’s designs remain the strongest they have ever been.

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