A Tentative Atelier: A Romantic Paradox

A Tentative Atelier’s Spring/Summer ’23 line exudes a subtle confidence.

A Tentative Atelier

The pieces are unexpected and intricate — a dynamic forever at play within the brand’s presentations.

Within each piece lies a central juxtaposition.

Light and dark, austerity and imagination, softness and structure.

This is a collection unafraid of the romantic tension of opposites.

A Tentative Atelier
A Tentative Atelier

Design duo Nam Tsang and Pauline Yuen employ a small team of Hong Kong’s finest artisans and craftspeople.

They utilize old techniques to infuse a sense of history into their work.

Through the union of asymmetrical lines, feminine ruching, classic silhouettes and natural fabrics, A Tentative Atelier’s distinct character is achieved.

A Tentative Atelier

The studio delivers meticulous handiwork: whipstitched ribbon peeks out from a silk trench coat, delicate pleats embellish a suit coat and classic lines sublimate raw, natural linen.

The cream and white color palette shines light on the collection, contrasting against dark silk and jacquard patchwork.

There’s a sense of wholeness, where contradiction is welcomed and rendered into beauty.

A Tentative Atelier

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