Yolanda Edwards Yolo Journal
Yolanda Edwards Yolo Journal
Yolanda Edwards Yolo Journal
Yolanda Edwards Yolo Journal
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Brooklyn, New York

Yolanda Edwards is an American writer, editor, and media executive.  She is the former creative director of Conde Nast Traveler magazine and is the founder and publisher of Yolo Journal.  Edwards was also the former executive editor at Martha Stewart Living, Travel and lifestyle editor at Cookie magazine, and a photo editor at W magazine. Since leaving Condé Nast, her byline has also appeared in Domino magazine.

“I’ve always gotten the best advice from people who travel a lot, and have great taste—not necessarily writers. I’ve also planned trips just from seeing a photo of a place and falling in love with it. I decided to start Yolo Journal because I’m passionate about photography, travel, and collecting great ideas. I’m excited to have a platform where photographers can share images that otherwise might go unseen, and a collection of travel inspiration and ideas from different creative and curious people we admire. I’m a forever lover of the printed page, and I think, in a very noisy landscape where we are inundated with images and information, to be able to sit down with a magazine, that speaks to you, and isn’t filled with loads of distracting ads, is something we all want. “

-Yolanda Edwards, Founder & Editor of YOLO Journal

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