Highly interested in environmentalism and traditional techniques, Studio Xaquixe specializes in blown glass with organic, contemporary and delicate details. With a focus on sustainable and ethical production practices, every item made is composed of recycled glass from local communities and created with the use of alternative energies. Because each piece is handmade, no two are exactly the same. The variations in color and shape serve as a signature, imprinting the personality, history and talent of the hands that created it.

Studio Xaquixe is defined by two key themes: experience, passion and a love for their craft, and the guiding principles of recycling, reusing, recovering and reducing. The artisans are from rural communities in the nearby vicinity. Each one learned the art of glass blowing and production through hours of practice and effort. Studio Xaquixe is a team of talented people who dream and struggle for a better future.

The studio’s glass pieces are made in an ethical and environmentally responsible production process. Their ovens are partially fueled with kitchen oil recovered from hotels and restaurants in the city of Oaxaca. Glass from used bottles is crushed and washed to be reused in the production of vases, jars, glasses and other pieces. Studio Xaquixe developed a biodigesting facility that uses organic waste to generate energy, which led to the spinoff of a nonprofit company producing alternative energy equipment appropriate for local systems and resources. These innovations have been awarded prizes and financing from several entities, including CONACYT (the Mexican Council of Science and Technology).

With passion, compromise, effort and commitment to recycling, Studio Xaquixe produces the most original glass in the Southeast of Mexico. Innovation is fired into each one of these utilitarian yet beautiful pieces.