Péro, Marni and Etro: Shades of Aspen Gold

Péro, Marni and Etro: Shades of Aspen Gold

Looking toward the Spring/Summer 2019 season, there’s a visible desire to enter the new year with empowering colors. Pantone’s reflection on last year’s New York Fashion week indicated a myriad of colors in the upcoming season that are guaranteed to enhance our spirit and confidence. The report featured 12 stand-out colors and modern takes on classic neutrals, all of which construct a playful expressionism, sure to have people utilizing each in creative combinations.

Among the deep blues and vibrant reds, was yellow in a shade they deemed “Aspen Gold”. Said to stimulate feelings of joy and brighten your day, this vibrant tone can already been found in a number of items sold in our stores. Unlike other trends that pertain to silhouettes or use of material, you don’t have to wait for the Spring/Summer collections to implement it in your wardrobe. This color has been around for awhile, so here are some of our favorite pieces from previous collections, as well as a number from Resort collections released on the cusp of 2019.

Péro’s Optimistic Perspective

Whether it’s used as an accent in pieces like the Lungi Scarf or painting the entire garment like their Long Ruffle Dress, Péro has taken to this vibrant shade with their newest release. Yellow is said to be the best color to generate enthusiasm and awaken confidence. Defining itself with vibrant color blocking and smaller coral elements, Péro has created a collection that coincides with two of the biggest trends, as Resort 2019 also features coral as a primary color. With both of these tones combined in many of their pieces, Péro’s recent collection is filled with overwhelmingly positive and optimistic feelings that are a perfect pick-me-up for any wardrobe.

Marni’s Quirky Sophistication

Marni has also implemented a golden hue in their collection for Resort 2019. They’ve dabbled with yellow-toned accents before, which can be seen in their Double Face Crepe Coat and Tie Dye Long Sleeve Dress. However their previous releases entirely in yellow were more on the orange side and less golden, making these pieces a fresh perspective on a variation of this primary color. Whether worn separately or together in a fully golden ensemble, these new releases are an excellent way to incorporate a quirky yet sophisticated example of this trendy color into your routine.

Etro’s Daring Print

Etro is no stranger to bold tones, and has experimented with just about every color you can imagine. They focus primarily on print, which are most often variations of paisley and floral, and how they connect with modern independent women. Although they have never held a specific focus on the integration of yellow, there are a number of pieces from their previous collections that use yellow as an element of their designs. For anyone who enjoys bold print and wants to stand out, Etro has the perfect patterned pieces for this popular color.

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