Rundholz Black Label: Martinique and Curaçao

Recalibrating our busy lives often leads us to dream of relaxing on hazy sun-soaked islands. We long for the quiet of beaches tucked into hidden coves, the rejuvenation of the ocean and its wildness, tranquility and turquoise waters, lively pastel-colored small towns alive with culture in the form of food, family, music and folklore. We search for freedom, comfort and the joys of simple living.

Carsten and Lenka Rundholz found exactly this in Martinique and Curaçao, the island inspirations for Rundholz Black Label SS 2020. Light-weight fabrics come to life in breezy bright blues with prints that evoke nautical life: patterns of speckled fish and rays in sun-dappled waters. Playful chambray denim pieces speak to a boho life lived lost in the islands. White, pebble and rock round out the neutral palette that makes the collection work whether island hopping or hard at work in the city.

Rundholz Black Label SS 2020
Martinique and Curaçao

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