Sculptural Lighting

Sculptural Lighting

Born in New York City and raised in Aix-en-Provence, France, Danny Kaplan’s passion for ceramics was shaped by early exposure to the traditional pottery of the region. He remains inspired by light colors and organic textures found in his surroundings, along with the quintessential combination of beauty and utility. His unique ceramics are wheel-thrown and then applied with rich glazes, giving them an unmatchable depth and magic.

Danny Kaplan

A relentless search for the quintessential blend of beauty and utility drives Danny’s collections of one-of-a-kind ceramic vessels, table lamps and other work. His ceramics enrich every day with their haptic and tactile presence. The soft glazes of the collection bring the tranquility of spring to your home while wood firings in Upstate NY enrich the wares with even more depth and magic. Explorations in wheel-thrown and hand-built methods and rich, tactile glazes allow Danny to create special pieces intended for use every day.

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Danny returned to the US to study creative writing, art history and fine art at the New School and Parsons in NYC, where the vibrant visual contrasts of his youth heavily influenced his artistic style. The mix of the elegant and the humble existing beautifully side by side at the thrift and antique markets combined with the vivid colors and organic textures at local farmers markets first inspired his work as a prop stylist and continued into his endeavors in ceramics.

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