Handblown Water Glass

The Long Confidence




The Long Confidence Handblown Water Glass

• Textured, Handblown Glassware
• Due to the Handmade Nature of this Glass, No Two Pieces are Exactly Alike
• Glass Holds 12oz
• The Perfect Glass Designed for a Water, Iced Tea or Any Cold Drink

Led by designer Rafi Ajl, The Long Confidence is a small design studio based in Berkeley, California. For their glassware, Rafi and his team developed a technique that yields a slightly different form each time, using a mold and form-making process developed with their glassblowers. Each piece is labor-intensive, showing the mark of the hand and the evidence of its creation.

Material: Glass
Size: Approx. 5.5" Tall; 12oz
Care: Hand Wash
Origin: Berkley, California

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