Mali Indigo Shawl with Moroccan Rug Fringe

Rianna + Nina




Rianna + Nina Mali Indigo Shawl with Moroccan Rug Fringe

Meticulously handmade by artisans in Berlin is this Rianna + Nina One-of-a-kind Indigo Shawl, made of vintage indigo shawls from Mali. The colorful accents are created using dyed sheep's wool sourced from a vintage, handmade Bulgarian long-haired carpet.

• Rectangle
• Intricately Dyed Indigo Shawl from Mali
• Moroccan Rug Fringe
• Fabric: Exact Fabric Content Unknown
• Fabric Type: Woven
• Care: Dry Clean Only
• Origin: Made in Berlin

Styling Note:
During Rianna + Nina's One-of-a-kind Salon Presentation in Berlin, this scarf was styled with the fringe at the front and closed using a crystal brooch, for an extra dose of whimsical elegance.

About Rianna + Nina:

Rianna and Nina produce two lines made by hand in Germany: their own designs inspired by the vivid and vibrant vintage prints they hold dear and a one of a kind collection from repurposed vintage silk fabrics. Both lines are a riot of brilliant colors and bold patterns. Learn More

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