Pair of Highball Glasses





Malfatti Pair of Highball Glasses

• Handmade from borosilicate glass
• Glasses are sold in pairs because Malfatti believe nobody should drink alone.
• Glassware is dishwasher safe, the heat and detergent will not harm it. However, care should be taken because the water jets may jostle the glasses when they sit on the rack.

Borosilicate glass is well known for its durability and resistance to thermal shock. Having constituents including silica and boron oxide, borosilicate glass has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion and a melting point much higher than ordinary glass (over 1500 degrees F). It contains no lead. With its superior durability, chemical and heat resistance, borosilicate glass is often used for scientific laboratory equipment, as well as in glass cookware.

Material: Borosilicate Glass
Care: Dishwasher Safe or Hand Wash
Origin: Made in New York

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