Canvas Nomade Pillow in Avocat Green

Maison de Vacances



Maison de Vacances Canvas Nomade Pillow in Avocat Green

These pillows feature a texture that is organically ribbed, the smooth waves that are not quite wrinkles add depth and dimension, as do the tonal variations in weaving.

• Rectangle
• Woven Canvas
• Organically Ribbed Texture with Tonal Variations in Weaving
• Exposed Metal Zipper with Metallic Leather Pull Tab
• Tightly Whipstitched Edges

Maison de Vacances has a motto: “dress your house as you like to dress." This is based on the idea that their high-quality products have a direct connection to personal style—but not fleeting trends. Instead of being wrapped up in the cycle of fast production, Maison de Vacances prioritizes the use of the finest linens, cashmere, and knitwear. They believe that beauty is in the dialectical history of the object and that its valued collector should have full access to that history.

Material: 42% Linen, 20% Jute, 17% Cotton, 16% Viscose
Cushion: 100% Cotton Filled with 100% Duck Down
Care: Dry Clean Only, Avoid Direct Sunlight
Size: 16"x 24"
Origin: Made in France

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