Ceramic Large Dinner Plate Black

Laurie Goldstein



Green Black


Laurie Goldstein Ceramic Dinner Plate in Black

• Fired to 1240 Celsius
• Unglazed Base

“I make vessels for daily use, for rituals and for our habits. There is a cup loved for drinking in it coffee, one loved for tea, and one for drinking hot chocolate on a winter day; vessels from which we enjoy eating, hosting with and serving on; objects which will be displayed on a shelf in the living room, on the coffee table, on the isle in the kitchen, in a niche, on the window sill, objects which will accompany us for years, on which the eye will rest, which will be  part of our domestic, familiar, protective and pleasant environment.” —Laurie Goldstein

Material: 100% Ceramic
Size: 11.2" Diameter
Care: Hand Wash
Origin: Israel

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