Smoke Fired Vessel VIII

Bridget Johnson




Bridget Johnson Smoke Fired Vessel VIII

• Hand Built Using a Coil Technique
• Variations in Color are Due to the Unique Smoke Firing Process
• Keep Away from Strong Sunlight; Smoke Fire Markings Can Fade if Left for Long Periods of Time
• These Vessels are Not Fired to a High Enough Temperature to Hold Water
• Treat these Pieces as You Would a Vessel Made from Wood
• Bowls Have Been Treated Inside with Liquid Quartz to Add Protection and Durability

Bridget Johnson explored a variety of hand-building techniques during her studies. Drawn to the tactile and meditative qualities, she now builds her work through traditional hand coiling. The organic forms she creates are burnished, bisque fired, and finally smoke fired with a selection of natural materials that add unique colors and markings to each piece.

Material: Ceramics
Size: Approx. 9.5" x 9.5" x 9"
Care: Gentle Spot Clean; Keep Away from High Light
Origin: Made in Devon, UK

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