Antique Thar Silk Embroidered Lumbar Pillow in Fushia Red

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Antique Thar Silk Embroidered Lumbar Pillow in Fushia Red

Rare textiles such as these are found in the Thar desert, which covers parts of southern Punjab and extends to the province of Sindh. The people in the Thar desert live a semi-nomadic life. They are notable artisans who have been part of the Thari society since the Indus Valley Civilization.

• Made from Vintage One-of-a-Kind Textiles like Bokhanos and Thalposh
Bokhanos are Long Narrow Shoulder Cloths that are Given to a Groom from his Future Mother in Law for their Wedding Day, and a Thalposh is a Dowry Cloth Made by the Bride’s Family for Her Wedding.
• Detailed Hand Crafted Embroidery; Traditional Textiles from this Region are Stitched on Heavy Cotton with Fine Cross Stitch Silk Thread in Floral and Geometric Motifs.
• "Shisha" Mirror-Work; Mica Mirrors
• Handstitched Beadwork
• Patterned & Textured
• Short Fringe at Edges
• Insert Included
• Unique Variations in Color & Texture

Vintage and antique textiles have experienced a full life before making their way to our stores. A vintage item of exceptional quality should not be viewed as brand new, as it shows signs of a lifetime, or several, being used and appreciated by its original makers. Evidence of this well-lived life may be visible in slightly distressed fabric, loose threads, small tears, non-standard sizes and other unique imperfections.

Front Material: 50% Cotton, 50% Silk; Back: 100% Linen
Care: Dry Clean Only
Size: 26" L x 16" W
Origin: Handcrafted in India

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