Postcards from Faroe

Upon opening the Album di Famiglia Fall Collection, we felt a rush of traveled nostalgia – the kind that comes from waking before the sun rises, walking through wild grasses laced with dew, or thumbing through an heirloom book in a darkened library. Layers of crumply cotton velvet and nubby handknit sweaters feel like a postcard mailed with love from a far off place, or a far off time – particularly, the rolling hills of Saksun, a remote village tucked in the Faroe Islands.

The overall palette is a subtle celebration of autumn’s subtle changing colors. Rusty red and rich olive are the stand-out tones among Album’s charcoal and cream offerings for the season. Velvet, a typically formal fabric, is casualized through Album’s approach, making it more and more accessible for daily wear without sacrificing its inherent elegance. In both their trousers and jumper styles, this textile is cut and sewn to create pieces totally cozy and wearable.

After donning this collection, you’ll find us wandering the lush of Saksun’s hillsides, our knapsack packed with a thermos of hot tea, a soft red hat and a well-loved compendium of Danish folklore. A flock of sheep baa quietly in the distance, roaming the land in search of fresh grass. The sun begins to peek through the fog and we nestle ourselves into the pasture to watch the afternoon sky bloom. 

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