Workshop is currently open on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 11-5pm for the time being. Wild Life is open Monday, Friday & Saturday with private access upon request during days the store is closed.

We are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our staff and clients. Most notably, we require our staff and all clients to wear masks in our stores. We will also limit the number of people in-store, and ask everyone entering to use hand-sanitizer available at the front door. Any clothes tried on and not purchased will be steamed after your departure, or put in quarantine when permitting. Our staff are adhering to a rigorous cleaning schedule and every surface is routinely sanitized.

As we continue to adapt to living with the virus, we will have several new ways for you to shop with us:


Using Facetime or Zoom, you can browse our stores from the comfort of your home. Our staff will walk you through on a virtual tour of Santa Fe Dry Goods, Workshop and Wild Life with curated selections just for you. To arrange a virtual tour, please contact our web department at 505-982-6192 or email at help@santafedrygoods.com.


For those who would love to peruse the stores in person, private in-store visits are now available. Individual tours are available between 11am and 5pm on weekdays and can be arranged by contacting 505-982-6192 or emailing at help@santafedrygoods.com.

Our staff will accompany you through the stores as you explore new items firsthand, experience the freshly remodeled space of Santa Fe Dry Goods, and see new concepts for living at Wild Life. All clients interested in visiting the stores are encouraged to specify any designers or items of interest. We will pull these items in advance for your review.


If you live locally and would prefer to pick-up your items directly from the store, curbside pick-up is available at Santa Fe Dry Goods, Workshop and Wild Life.  After shopping for your items online, you may select “Curbside Pick-Up” under “Delivery and Pick-Up Options” at checkout.

If an order is placed before 12pm, pick-up is available that afternoon. Orders are available for pick-up between 11am and 5pm Monday-Friday. Please park in front of Workshop at 53 Old Santa Fe Trail and call 505-982-6192. We will be out in a flash with your purchase. 

To all who purchased during the past few months, a special heartfelt thanks for supporting what we stand for. Few businesses or organizations will be proceeding in the way that they did previously. Your support gave us the boost we needed to reinvent what specialty retail will look like in the future, and the future is indeed exciting!

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