Santa Fe Dry Goods Remodel

When: February 4, 2020

In January 2020, we experimented with new modes of expression in Santa Fe Dry Goods. With the goal of always moving forward, our staff and talented local artisans focused on leveraging the palettes we see in our environment in an experimental way to provide a new vantage point for clothing and jewelry. The result of this work in progress is a warmer atmosphere and welcoming merchandising designed to feature the brilliant craftsmanship and intricate details of our designers’ work. 

While our buyer waxed floors and sales associates repainted every scuffed surface, part of our dedicated team tackled the labyrinth of basement space running underneath the three stores. This proved to be a wonderful, and dusty, opportunity to explore the past of Santa Fe contained in the Catron building. The interconnected network of rooms have served over the years as underground apartments, law offices and, most recently, storage for the fashion stores that have been in this building for over a century.  finding reference points that tie us all together.

We unearthed a typewriter and vintage adding machine, several sewing machines, wooden shoe forms, single shoes from the early 1900s, and, of course, a saddle. But perhaps the most special finds are framed newspaper clippings from the two original stores in this building: a 1945 ad announcing the new women’s ready to wear section of the Guarantee and a 1912 advertisement for the grand opening of the White House, the original dry goods store on the block. 

This spatial refresh also gave us the opportunity to expand our in-house photo studios and increase the back-of-store office space for our inventory, shipping and web teams. With improved work space and refreshed retail, we continue to search for reference points that tie us all together, while pursuing gorgeous products made in the most ethical of ways. We look forward to seeing you on the plaza in Santa Fe and are excited to show you new pieces from Dries Van Noten, Brunello Cucinelli, Issey Miyake, Pèro, By Walid, Etro, Alonpi Cashmere, Avant Toi, Daniela Gregis, The Row, Monies, Pippa Small, Greig Porter, Mieko Mintz, Sophie Hong and many more designers. Please come in! 


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