Introducing: Biyan

When: October 26, 2020

Biyan Fall/Winter 2020

Biyan mixes a romantic flair and sense of adventure with old glamor and a dash of modernism in the making. Their work draws upon the complexity of a woman – one moment she is firm, the next she is unafraid to show her delicate emotion. She is powerful, yet in the blink of an eye she becomes charming and playful.

This season, prairie dresses are detailed with victorian collars and frilled sleeves, while jackets and coats boast wool and jacquard appliques. Mid-length dresses are created from a collage of laces, and embroidered gowns are layered with tulle. Drawing upon inspiration from graphic art, their silk print pieces are light and witty. Bright colors like poppy red and canary yellow are used alongside black, white and navy blue to create a delicate yet powerful balance.

The Biyan Fall/Winter 2020 collection is very feminine in nature but rich and bold in colors, graphic patterns, and materials. These qualities showcase their appreciation for the different qualities a woman can have, and work to enhance the strong character in her.

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